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Wedding Dance


We are always on the lookout for talented DJs to join our team. If you feel you bring a fresh skilled approach to the market, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently looking for talented DJs & event staff to join our team


We pride ourselves on providing hand-selected modern talented professional DJs for weddings, events and venues in London & the South of England. 

Cosmic was founded eight years ago and has rapidly grown due to the unique stylistic talent service approach we love to offer. 

The right music selection is key to any DJ we believe, rather than set up and price. 

The DJ could look impressive but lacking the skills to bring the atmosphere together to create ultimate nights is genuinely not what we are about here at Cosmic. 

Music is a LOVE, a PASSION, and an ENERGY that a talented DJ will know how to use to his or her advantage. We honour ourselves in only offering highly experienced DJs with a vast knowledge of music and beat matching skills to create the perfect seamless musical backdrop to all our clients' life chapter events. Whether your background is from the clubbing nightlife world or you feel you offer a fresh approach to the mobile DJ market, you could be what we are looking for. 


Applications are welcome from both walk-in DJs and complete rig DJs. If you do have your own entire rig, we ask for the following equipment spec plus an up to date PAT certificate: 

1 x Starlit DJ booth (S&H or equivalent) - 2 x RGBW uplights - 2 x dance floor light effects (wizard rush, spot moving head or equivalent ) - 2 x RCF Evox (or equivalent).


One fundamental principle with every booking we want our DJs to have fun. If you are enjoying each event, this buzz is contagious on the dance floor. All Cosmic Events DJs have a positive, professional, friendly passion for their profession. 


At Cosmic, we also don't care about your background, sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, or other demographics. The only thing we care about is positive business results and delivering our standards and values to each client!



If you think you fit our brand, please fill in the application form below. 

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