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Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire Lighting / Robe Pointe

Robe Pointe

Moving Head

£75 inc vat
Per 24hr Hire 

Weight: 10.3 kg

  • 82,400 lx

  • 2.5 - 10' Beam mode, 5 - 20 Spot mode

  • rotating and static gobo wheel, circular 8-facet and linear 6-face prism

Professional Level

Industry Standard

Set up time

2 mins

Mains Connection

13amp socket

Capable of projecting either static or rotating glass gobos, the device excels in delivering precise in-air and surface images with a uniform focal plane. Whether operating at a tight 20-degree zoom or at full capacity, the output remains crystal clear and brilliant. Introduce rotating prisms (6-way linear or 8-way circular) to generate expansive effects across any set. With the frost filter in place and a choice of 13 rich colors, you can effortlessly create a smooth and even wash. Despite its small, lightweight body, the Pointe surprises with an output that surpasses expectations in size, quality, and power. This is achieved through the efficient short arc 280W discharge source and Robe's advanced optical configuration. Designed for efficiency, this technology-packed fixture can efficiently travel in a case of 4, covering all your lighting needs – be it Beam, Spot, Wash, or FX. Choosing any other fixture would be unnecessary.

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